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December 30, 2020

Do You Need Auto Insurance if You No Longer Drive?

Do You Need Auto Insurance if You No Longer Drive?

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You might no longer drive, or you might only drive on occasions that are few and far between. However, for as long as you own a vehicle and have a valid driver’s license, you will need a car insurance. 

Car insurance doesn’t just protect your when you drive; it provides benefits around the clock, and for more loss scenarios than just wrecks. Therefore, even if you are no longer a driver, you can still receive assistance from this policy in the right circumstances. However, to spare you the expense of paying for an excessively large policy, your agent can work with you to make sure your plan adapts to your needs. 

Consider the reasons why you need coverage as a non-driver: 

             1. If You Return to Driving, You Want Your Policy to Continue Insuring You 

Some people give up driving only temporarily. For example, you might stop driving because you live in an area that offers convenient public transportation. Or, your job might provide you company car which is covered by their commercial auto insurance. At this time, your personal vehicle might sit dormant. However, the moment you return to driving your own car, you want to have your auto policy there to go to work for you. By maintaining coverage, even on unused vehicles, you will save yourself the trouble of having to re-enroll in coverage.  

              2. Cancelled Coverage Means Higher Prices Later 

If you plan to return to driving, and need to re-enroll in a new auto policy, then your insurer will likely see that you have a gap in your history of carrying coverage. Even if you didn’t drive during the time your policy was cancelled, you still took the risk of leaving a valuable piece of machinery uninsured. As a result, the insurer might view you as a high-risk driver, and might therefore charge you a higher premium on your coverage.

              3. Undriven Cars Need Insurance, Too 

It is a mistake to assume that your auto insurance only covers you if you have a wreck while driving. It is much more expansive and can protect your car while it is sitting in your driveway, unused. After all, there is always a chance that a problem like a fire, vandalism, falling tree or hail could damage the vehicle. If your auto policy contains comprehensive damage coverage, then you will have protection against the costs of these losses. 

Plus, don’t forget that if you are a vehicle owner or licensed driver, then you are usually required to carry liability insurance by your state’s DMV. Furthermore, if you have a financed vehicle, then you will likely have to carry physical damage insurance at the request of your lender. Therefore, regardless of actual usage of your car, you will likely be required to maintain coverage.

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