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April 29, 2021

Preparing Your Car for Spring Storm Hail

Preparing Your Car for Spring Storm Hail

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As spring rolls in, it brings unpredictable weather along with spring showers, storms and hail. Hail can cause thousands of dollars to your home and your car, but your vehicle is even more vulnerable.  

Luckily, most car insurance policies cover hail repair under their comprehensive coverage section.  

Even so, it is always best to understand when hail will strike, and what you can do to prevent damage to your car.


Steps to Protect Your Vehicle 

If you have time, it is a good idea to take steps to protect your car from a hailstorm. Start by moving car into a garage or other covered area. Don’t move the car under a tree; this might be unsafe, as hail can dislodge branches and limbs, which can then damage your car.  

If you live in an area with many hailstorms, it might also be a good idea to invest in a durable car cover. These covers can often protect your car from some degree of hail damage.  

However, there is no way to completely protect your car from a hailstorm. So having hail coverage on your car insurance policy is a great way to mitigate the potential cost of repairs.  

Some insurance plans offer hail coverage in their comprehensive coverage. If you live in an area where hail is very common, you may even be able to buy extra hail coverage to add to your regular plan. You should always talk to your insurance agent to make sure your policy covers hail damage.  


When Will Hail Strike?  

There is no formula to determine when a hailstorm will hit. Hail usually forms during thunderstorms, when drops of moisture can be flash-cooled and freeze instantaneously. Gravity makes the now-heavy hail stones subsequently tumble to earth.  

Weather experts today can generally give some warning when a hailstorm is on its way. Yet, weather conditions quickly change, so it is always best to protect your car if storms are on the way.


What damage can hail do to a car?  

All sorts of damage can result from hail. Even the smallest hailstones can cause major damage to exposed items. Hail can shatter windshields and even damage a car’s metal frame.  

The most severe hail can cause holes in the roof of your car, damage your car’s interior and break your engine. If your vehicle is caught in a severe hailstorm, the damages could cost to thousands of dollars to repair.

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