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June 22, 2021

How to Keep Mold Out of Your Home

Mold grows in moist places. Any surface or material that stays continually damp is a prime location for its growth. The moisture can come from condensation, pipe leakage, dripping air conditioners, roof leaks or accidents — such as overflowing bath tub water. Mold is bad for your health and repairing its damage to your home is expensive. The best way to cope with mold is through prevention by following these tips.a car in a driveway of a home 

Control Moisture in the Air 

If you live in an area with humid summers, use dehumidifiers and air conditioners. Avoid using carpeting in basements, because they are often damp places with concrete floors. Carpeting in these conditions can be a prime target for moisture. 

Activities like taking a shower and cooking release a lot of moisture into the air. Always use an exhaust fan that vents to the outside in both the bathroom and kitchen. Your clothes drier should also be vented outdoors. 

Your indoor humidity should be between 30 and 60 percent. 

Prevent Water Leakage 

Inspect plumbing used in sinks and toilets. Look for evidence of water seepage around the fittings, such as moist and rusty threads. 

Don’t turn off the heating during the winter when leaving your home. This can cause water pipes inside your walls to freeze, crack and leak water. 

Keep your gutters and downspouts free of debris so that they can properly channel rain water away from your house. 

The ground near your house should also slope down and away from the foundation to prevent water from pooling. 

Aging roof materials and missing shingles can cause leaks. Have your roof inspected every three to five years. 

Stop Water Damage Immediately 

When you spot a leak, you have between 24 and 48 hours to get it fixed and to dry up wet areas. Water damaged items that can’t be dried within this time frame should be removed. 

Use Mold Resistant Materials in Your Home 

If you are renovating your home, use mold resistant drywall and sheetrock. Unlike traditional drywall and sheetrock, the mold resistant variety doesn’t have a cardboard exterior. Cardboard and paper are a source of food for mold. Walls can also be painted with paints that have mold inhibitors. 

Improve Air Circulation 

Keep closet doors, as well as doors between rooms, open so that air can freely circulate. Fans can also be used to enhance air circulation. These air currents tend to keep surfaces dry. 

Mold prevention is an ongoing effort. Even if you live in a very dry climate, water can still seep into your home from plumbing leaks and accidents. By keeping your home dry, you can keep the mold out. 

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